Aliados 107

Avenue / 2017

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
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There is nothing as sexy as luxury real estate, so Avenida dos Aliados, one of the main and most noble avenues in Porto, topped by the City Hall and stage for major social, cultural and festive events, became the most attractive hotspot in town. Located at Downtown Porto, where many of the beautiful monuments and buildings of the city, like churches, palaces, public buildings, theatres and libraries could be found, Aliados 107 was at the center of everything.

So, at Blug, we took a long, hard look at the project, the one that kept the beauty of its monumental facade with art-deco and expressionist details while adopting a contemporary, minimalist and sophisticated interior architecture, and created a unique positioning, that depicts the building’s values and created a distinctive place in the market:


Aliados 107

We decided that Aliados 107 needed to become the reference for the future luxury real estate projects. A place for people who appreciate an urban and active lifestyle and for whom centrality is a priority to explore the best of the city. So we created a visually appealing, sophisticated and exclusive brand identity, one that perfectly blends the two custom-designed typefaces: three-dimensional and two-dimensional and defined a communication that projected a cosmopolitan, vibrant and unique lifestyle in Downtown Porto.

Conveying Brand Values such as sophistication, modernity, cosmopolitanism, belonging and enthusiasm, the brand identity was inspired by the building’s monumental architecture and the verticality of its pillars that go from floor to the top of the facade.

The volumetric robustness of the underlying typeface contrasts with the refinement of the overlying typeface, which reflects a dialogue between the strength of the architectural design and the delicacy of the art-deco details.

We decided to go even further in this language and developed a singular visual universe for this brand, allowing it to manifest itself through rich graphics compositions intended to symbolize the vibrancy of Downtown Porto and the contrasts surrounding Aliados 107 (tradition, history, culture, leisure, etc). The cityscape combined with graphic elements, popular celebrations matched with upscale living, punctuated with premium and distinctive chromatics (black, Pantone gold and metallic gold), helped depict Porto’s elegance and authenticity.

Aliados 107

To create the brochure and deliver our brand promise, we took the original three-dimensionality of the identity and gave it a two-dimensional appearance, to ensure a greater smoothness and elegance. The design assumed the identity’s strength lines to build a pattern made of vertical lines (referring to the building), horizontal (referring to Aliados) and diagonals (referring to the future residents’ attitude).

We divided the catalogue into two chapters. That allowed us to recreate the two dimensions of this project, separating the contents related to the experience of the city (Porto's lifestyle) and the experience in the building (shops and apartments). The catalogue introduces linear compositions that add rhythm and dimension to the reading, maintaining a sense of grace and modernity, and photographs that keep the emphasis on the building and the surrounding places.

Our promise and positioning “A luxury and exclusive Home right in the core of the city near everything I need and enjoy in life, where I can benefit from both excitement and tranquillity.” were reflected in every brand manifestation and helped us to elevate the bar regarding luxury real estate in Porto to a truly exclusive and sophisticated level.

Aliados 107
Aliados 107