Sogrape Annual Report 2016

Sogrape / 2017

Editorial Design


This is a special commemorative edition that accompanies the rebranding of the brand and integrates its new values in the annual report of the year. With the presentation, a new signature: Original and Timeless Wines. Also and introduction: Sograpertise and Sograpinness are words that are born to translate the way this new brand is distinguished and related.

Reinforcing 74 years of a journey started in an act of innovation, courage and risk led by a visionary founder - Fernando Van Zeller Guedes -, Sogrape thus reinforces the strength of the family and ethical values that have always determined its course, adding the aggregating force of a new corporate brand that portrays progress.

Sogrape Annual Report 2016

We translate the concepts of originality, diversity, rigour, solidity, courage, friendship and happiness throughout this special piece with canvas binding, where the past and the future intersect, in an inspiring present moment for everyone.