Ascendum / 2018

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Editorial Design
Internal Communication


With over 60 years of experience and a unique path in the Portuguese industrial and commercial landscape, Ascendum presents an ambition that rises to its capacities. 

The will to make a difference through premium client service rivals the trust placed in the world brands it represents. From the ambitious start of Auto Sueco Coimbra to a significant global player, it has grown and evolved into a massive threshold for competence and ability in both national and international markets.

BLUG has been its faithful partner along with many steps of the way and has helped to carve a tone of voice, a different language and a strong identity for Ascendum’s brand. 

With huge institutional ties and the permanent need to respect cultural and geographical differences - after all, we’re talking about a multinational company, employing more than 1500 people throughout 14 countries - BLUG has helped Ascendum develop an ever-evolving narrative.


Responding to the demands of the internationalisation process, we always bore in mind the Ascendum values - Ambition, Trust and Customer focus. This allowed us to create a solid concept for a brand that responded and appealed to its various audiences. The internal communication component has an enormous weight in a brand with this dimension, without neglecting the credibility, security and strength projected for external customers.

Establishing a concept of elevation and quality, one which respects the initials for which the brand was already known - ASC - helps the brand reach the scale of the company's ambition, definitely valuing its heritage, its path and its challenges for the future. Gaining a larger dimension and achieving a more precise representation. This way, Ascendum was born.

The phased rebranding process reached across different geographies and cultures, respecting the various rhythms, integrations and interactions of independent teams.

We created an identity that functions as an identification grid, reflecting Ascendum's desire to make a difference in the knowledge and experience it represents in the markets in which it operates.

The evolution of the identity respected the visual and iconographic characteristics of the sector and showed the purpose of the Ascendum brand: the desire to make the world evolve.

Ascendum's most significant commitment is to its employees and its customers and hence our commitment to creating a plan of external and internal actions, which cross geographies and manage to bring the brand closer to its audiences, involving them throughout the process.

So we developed the employee kit, an internal action that values and personalises each of the elements that contribute to the company's success. We created the A-Team, an elite team that helps and represents the brand, its capacity and its competence.

The graphic line created had the ambition of ensuring greater awareness for the Ascendum brand in its communication. Very dynamic and versatile, but also structured and objective, it provided the right tools so that all geographies can, with autonomy, respond to all their communication needs.

We contemplated solutions for institutional communication, reports and accounts, magazines, internal culture actions, uniforms, fleet, sponsorships, product communication, promotional communication, social media, intervention in spaces and merchandising.


Today, we support and develop ideas, actions and executions that allow Ascendum to maintain its communication and celebration rhythm, making sure every significative moment marking its life and its history is appropriately celebrated.


The concepts - from the dynamic wall to the Olympic “Go” torch that visited all the Ascendum geographies and venues - convey this spirit and emphasise the attitude that is characteristic of the brand. The simple act of moving forward with its eyes on the future.

The brand value given to all communication pieces allows for this cohesion and the reinforcement of the team spirit, with a simple, clear and visually structured language.

At BLUG, we have turned a long-standing partner into a brand capable of keeping up with the growth of the group, simultaneously projecting it into the future. A future that contemplates not only new geographical horizons but also a strong commitment to the sector's innovation.