Sogrape Annual Report 2017

Sogrape / 2018

Editorial Design


We leave our impressions of 2017 and offer a toast to 75 years of life. This is the year to honour the brave visionaries who, in 1942, dared to launch a wine with an international ambition. We celebrate the pillars of the past that make us proud and continue to inspire our future.

We start with a manifesto that is a toast, a toast that is an ode, an ode that is a tribute, a tribute that is a lifestyle: a toast to the next "vindima" that will continue to write Sogrape's history.

Sogrape Annual Report 2017

This gift is manifested throughout the entire annual report, introducing the year's outstanding elements and all the people who made a difference in the company's positive results. We imagine that whoever reads it will want to have a nice glass of Barca Velha at hand. It will surely help with the rhythm.